Dir: Let Me Feel Your Finger First

4 mins 50 secs, DV, stereo


Written, animated and edited by Let Me Feel Your Finger First

Combining live action and animated drawings HOMO ZOMBIES is based on the strip of the same name from Let Me Feel Your Finger First’s ‘Greenhorn’ comic, first published in 2000. Wandering through the park at dawn, Cute Punk, passive and wide-eyed, happens upon a dreamy world of the undead where there’s rustling coming from the bushes and silent figures loitering, emitting occasional grunting sounds. HOMO ZOMBIES is both satire of homo culture and homage to zombie culture. The undead become animated in awkward Let Me Feel Your Finger First-style and pursue Cute Punk with relentless drive.

HOMO ZOMBIES premiered in the group show “Meanwhile…” at the Nunnery Gallery, London (2000) and subsequently appeared in other exhibitions including “Eyes Look into the Well” at Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam, Germany (2001) and GSK Contemporary, Royal Academy, London (2008). It screened at numerous festivals including Pandaemonium Biennial, The Lux Centre; London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival; London Short Film Festival; Nashville Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Tennessee, USA; Brasília Festival, Brazil; Image-Forum, Tokyo and Latitude Festival, UK.

Distribution Light Cone

DVD Films de l’ange / HOMO ZOMBIES was released on the Bloody Gays compilation in 2005


Didier Roth-Bettoni, Illico magazine


Chainsaw, UK

“Makes us nostalgic for the old days in Central Park

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