Dir: Let Me Feel Your Finger First

9 mins 40 secs, Digital Betacam, stereo


Uwe: Andrew David

Narrator: Klemens Koehring

Additional Animation: Elroy Simmons

Funded by Arts Council England

Let Me Feel Your Finger First’s ONTOLOGICALLY ANXIOUS ORGANISM, narrates the experience of an animated character who, nervous about the concept of character itself, disguises himself as a boulder. The three episodes follow the boulders progress through a series of reconstituted cartoon scenes whilst he grapples with existence, meets his maker and finally slips outside of the space of the picture plane to seek the ultimate reference.

ONTOLOGICALLY ANXIOUS ORGANISM screened at various festivals including London Short Film Festival; Flatpack Festival; Supernormal Festival; Latitude Festival and Bienal de la Imagen en Movimento, Buenos Aires. The films were exhibited in shows including ‘Backhander’ at studio1.1, ‘Familienalbum’ at GSK Contemporary, Royal Academy and ‘The Incredible Simultaneity Console’ at Close-Up Cinema. Episode One received a Special Mention in the Best Experimental Film category at LSFF. 

ONTOLOGICALLY ANXIOUS ORGANISM is featured in British Comedy Cinema edited by I.Q. Hunter and Laraine Porter.

Ontologically Anxious Organism is featured in Performance Research Volume 14 Issue 4.

The Characterological Problem a comic strip featuring Ontologically Anxious Organism is featured in Art Review, January/February 2013 issue.

Distribution Light Cone

DVD Filmarmalade / DVD extra: ‘Der ängstliche Organismus’ LMFYFF interview with Gary Thomas, Mark Jackson, Gordon Shrigley and Uncle Hans-Peter.

Acting Dumb and Playing Dead Angela Kingston

Let Me Feel Your Finger First: Ontologically Anxious Organism Paul Gravett

“This witty distanciation from the normal codes and conventions of the cartoon is also a ready commentary upon the ways British animators have used them, opening up these codes and conventions for revisionist play with, and the comic interrogation of, British socio-cultural idioms.”

‘Wit, whimsy & wishful thinking in British animation, 1900-present’ Paul Wells, British Comedy Cinema

“We really liked LMFYFF’s wry exploration of the existentialist pondering of a being disguised as a rock in a setting of well-known cartoon backgrounds. Inventive and intelligent work.”

Special Mention, Best Experimental Film Award, 8th London Short Film Festival

A sentient stone offers up psychological insights into the nature of existence. As if the computer from THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY was struggling to make sense of creator and character dynamics from within a PEANUTS cartoon, this is funny stuff.

Radiant Circus