Dir: Richard Squires

16mm film, 5 mins 40 secs, B&W, mono, 1996

With Ian Jones, Rebecca Hardy and Andrew Whittaker

The Cockatrice is the mythical king of the beasts. It has the head of a rooster, the body of a dragon, the whiskers of a tomcat and huge wattles. It has the power to petrify all life.

Brown, brown, brown. Make a salad! Not the inability to feel but the ability to feel nothing. Nature’s chaotic storage space leavened out into a bready dough and likened inconsequentially to a hamster pardoned… Anyone who passes a brown envelope to a bison can recognise the writing on the wall…

COCKATRICE screenings included the Smallest Gallery in the World, Brixton Hill, London; Kinoculture at the Horse Hospital, London and Total Mobile Home Microcinema San Francisco.